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Saturday Night Live Tattoo Skit
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Magic Pull Apart Girl- an Illusion by Cris Angel.
Nut Bra - Help for those sagging problems
Payton Manning- instructing the next generation- snl skit.
Robert Deniro on SNL- Homeland Security Director Keeping us Safe
Hilarious- Scare Compilation
The Fat Boy Dance- more proof you can't judge a book by it's cover.
Why I Didn't Make the Olympics- how not to do it
Dumbass of the year award winner- I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.
My snake is bigger than yours- candid camera style
Bonerol- Help your dog live up to it's name.
Smooth CSI- Cracks the case of the missing protein.
The typical blond -dud shell fools them all.
A Tired Driver - Fills up his gas tank.
A funny look at Babies and Fathers
Learn Spanish- to better communicate with your Nanny.
The Jackass Boys - are at it again.
Hot Tub Hell- It's hard to look cute when you had Milk and White Castle Burgers a minute ago.
Be Sure- Trojanz ad.
Amazing Trick - We call this one, the microwave man..
Webbles Model - Webbles wobble and sometimes they fall too.
Forest Run- A few joggers take a short cut through the forest.
A Funny Crowd Prank - Ever get the feeling you're not in on the joke?
Another Great Japanese game show moment.
Cop Finger - You just never know what's going to happen if you give a Cop the finger..... Yes, you do.
Conan O'Brien - introduces the pimp bot 5000.
Terry Tate Office Linebacker - Watches over the work environment.
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bit**?
The Home Shopping Network - I'm no salesman but I think something went wrong with
the sales pitch
Dave Chappelle as R- Kelly Wants to piss on you.
Newscaster gets a Shock
Watch your head man-  head...ache
SNL Tattoo Skit- Pretty sad indeed.
The World Famous Paris Hilton Sex Tape- I never really thought the "Hey doll come back to my
crib line worked."
Nice people helping out a scarecrow and then getting a little love back.
A Hot Cup of coffee in the morning.
One day we're going to have a woman president..........
Nothing like a Hahn Premium Light Beer by the Pool.
Canadian Idol- Canadian Bacon wind.
Never trust the woman you love- Just when you think you know her, she'll blow your mind.
Criss Angel's trick backfires.
Sometimes the Crabs are going to make you earn it.
Women do it- Finally men get to do it too.
Church funnies- I always found a lot of humor in church, guess I was right.
Mad TV Skit about the essentials in marriage
Ridiculously Funny Audio News Story
Here's why women shouldn't be Bullfighters
Baseball Umpire Training- I wondered how they did it.
What's my prediction? Paain!!!
Practical Jokers- Scaring the crap out of people
Peeing Goes Wrong - and so so wrong it is.
Hilarious DWI Stop - Come on, give a brother a hand!!!
Now wait - you did say you wanted a Waterbed
What did the 5 fingers say to the face?- Slaap!!!
I Guess this waiter is reallly happy to see you
Protect Your Valuables keep you jewels safe from harm
Never stand between women and getting their hair did
Jamie Foxx serenades Serena Williams at the ESPN espy awards
Don't you dare mess with my social security check - AUDIO
Here's yet another example of why Mechanics love women - AUDIO
Here's why sex before marriage is essential
A Cure for Attention Deficit Disorder
Mr. Potato Head - finds out he's been working too many hours the hard way
I picked the wrong week to quit the fire department
Kippery Rigsby brings it skraight from the skreet
An intruder is in the house, luckily you have ADG security.
Not exactly the Love Boat
Japanese Babies - are born in a flash
Never judge a book until you see under the hat - Cola Break
For all those with flatulent problems- now there's Glade Plug Ups.
Ladies gotta love these deadley handsome men
I Hate Frickin Snow!!!!!!!!!!!
Another fat boy dances to Beyonce's single ladies
Pole Dancing for dummies
Nadia Suleman having her  8 kids
Hot Asian Girls Beat Down Arrogant White Guy
Here's another Reason Why Women Stay Single
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